Thing 7: Generating interest

23 Things Lolcat

Photo by Nancy (Flickr sn turtlemom4bacon)

There were so many toys to play with for this Thing.  I wasn’t sure which one I was going to use until I found the Lolcat Generator at Big Huge Labs.  Not having a cat of my own, I was lucky to find the perfect photo on Flickr.  Click on the picture to visit the Flickr photo page of the original.

Jennifer O’Neill mentions some great uses for these tools in libraries.  Besides designing cool stuff themselves, a library or school media center could build a program around these and post the creations of patrons/students to the library/ school website or blog.  The program can be a contest, with prizes awarded as an added incentive.  The creations can be used to promote library services or specific events, or highlight specific library materials.  Check out this Big Huge Labs blog post about a sixth grade teacher who used the Trading Card maker for a class research project.


To my fellow zombie lovers (lovers of zombies, not lovers who are zombies), The Generator Blog has a link to Spelling with Zombies, a zombie text generator:

Zombie Letters from

This got me thinking, so I Googled “zombie image generator” and found this gem:  Diary of the Dead Zombie Face Changer (via Veerublog).  I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but I’ll upload my results to my Flickr account for everyone to see.


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One Response to “Thing 7: Generating interest”

  1. Victoria Rivera Says:

    Oh that’s why cooler than spelling with flickr! I want to spell with zombies to! I didn’t know you where a zombie lover. I’d be to worry they’d want me for dinner… tehe ^O~

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